River Trail – Cumberland Island, Georgia

October 4, 2010

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 0.5 miles (one way)

River Trail is a hiking trail on Cumberland Island that connects Dungeness Docks to Sea Camp Docks. This trail is a short half mile trail that runs somewhat parallel to the western coast of Cumberland Island. The trail is extremely grown up, and appears to have been much nicer in the past. I noticed on the hike that there appeared to have been some sort of Native American living history-type exhibit on the trail at one time, but this exhibit was clearly no longer in use. While the trail is somewhat grown up, it does provide an opportunity to see some interesting views of the river to the west of Cumberland Island, and to experience a more natural setting in the live oak forest as you hike between Dungeness Dock and Sea Camp Dock. Overall, Iā€™d say this trail can be missed for those on a short time frame, although it does provide a good connecting trail between Dungeness and Sea Camp for those tired of walking the main road over and over.

Camping Nearby:

Sea Camp Campground

Nearby Hiking Trails:

Dungeness Trail


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