Portland Park Disc Golf, Chattanooga, TN

May 1, 2011


This 9 Hole Disc Golf Course located at the base of Signal Mountain is in a little need of some landscaping upkeep, but presents a few challenging holes, is free, and is very accessible from the Chattanooga area.

While only 9 holes, the course features cement/concrete tee pads, quality disc craft baskets, and a viewable course map at the beginning of the course.



Hole 1

Hole 1 is located to the right of the park area, alongside a major road, and in front of the concrete drainage ditch.


The hole features a group of large trees directly in front of the tee pad. The basket is located on the next small hill just past the open field behind the trees.


Hole 2

Hole 2 is just in front of Basket 1. This hole requires a straight throw through two openings. The basket is NOT the one that can be seen hooking to the left of the tee pad next to the pavillion. It’s actually almost straight ahead at the forest line.


Hole 3

Hole 3 requires players to follow the forest line up and to the right, past basket 2 until they see an opening in the woods. The shot from the tee pad is deep into a recessed area of the woods, and requires a very tight drive before opening up into the field.


Hole 4

Head back towards the area around the 1st basket for Hole 4’s tee pad. This hole requires a long hooking drive to the right, or an extremely straight shot between the two trees.


Hole 5

Hole 5 returns near the edge of the main road, and requires either a strong hooking shot to the left, or a strong hooking shot to the right. Straight is probably not an option on this hole. Interestingly the basket for hole 5 is elevated up on three or four cross ties. This makes for a slight change in normal putting.



Hole 6 and 7

Both of these holes are located in the woods to the right of Basket 5. They both require long shots through a very narrow tunnel of trees. An errant disc will likely either be lost, or lodged in a bed of POISON OAK. Be careful when hunting your disc. This area is very thick in the summer time, and could also be a bed for snakes.


Hole 8

Hole 8 requires the player to hike down a narrow trail to the LEFT of basket 7 (ignore the arrow, it was wrong when we played here). Follow down the hill until you see the pad. Basket 8 is at the bottom of the hill. It is the one you saw at hole 2 a little closer to the pavillion.


Hole 9

The final hole returns you to the parking area. It is a long, pretty open drive. It’s a great way to end a course after the three holes through the wooded tunnels.



Located at the Base of Signal Mountain, the course sits between Suck Creek and Signal Mountain Road.

From Chattanooga:

Follow US-27 North

Exit onto Hwy 127-N/ Signal Mountain Blvd.

Turn left on Suck Creek Road.

Gravel parking area is immediately on left.


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  2. Bryangstonan L on August 16, 2012 at 7:52 am

    My family and I played at Portland Park yesterday afternoon. What was at one time an enjoyable experience, has now become almost impossible to play. The grass is so high that you can hardly walk through it. There are hazards on the property. Huge broken tree limbs hanging from trees. Poison Ivy is so thick along holes 6, 7, and 8 that they are near impossible to play. I will not be going back. Really bad experience.

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