Mountain Laurel Trail – Amicalola Falls

January 19, 2009

Mountain Laurel Loop Trail

Length: 1.0 Miles

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate (somewhat technical descent)

Blaze: Green

Mountain Laurel Trail is a loop trail that serves as a connection between Spring Trail and Creek Trail. The trail creates a loop that a points runs along with Creek Trail. Mountain Laurel Trail is marked by a Green Blaze.


If descending from Spring Creek, I recommend taking Mountain Laurel Trail’s path to the left. This side of the trail serves as a shorter route to the Creek Trail and back to the Base of the Falls reflection pool.


The trail continues descending down the Amicalola Ridge through a leafy forest. This forest contains both its namesake Mountain Laurels, Pines and several Oak trees.


IMG_1841 IMG_1849 IMG_1835

As the trail descends, be careful on the switchbacks, several of these “step downs” can be very slick shortly after a rain, and difficult to go down without falling or sliding.

IMG_1840 IMG_1845

Towards the ends of the trail, the path becomes rockier, and potentially more slippery.



The trail connects with Creek Trail shortly after a rocky switchback. From here, the Creek trail and Mountain Laurel Trail continue together for a short distance before Creek Trail forks to the left. Mountain Laurel Trail then continues in a loop back up the ride to the Spring Trail trail head.


Creek Trail continues back to the Visitor’s Center at the beginning of Amicalola State Park.


Avoid this trail after a rain, it can be dangerous to descend when it is wet and muddy. Also, hiking a wet trail can increase damage to the trail itself. Otherwise, this is a fun trail to complete a loop from the Visitor’s Center to the Falls and back again.

Nearby Trails

East Ridge Trail – 1.0 miles

Creek Trail – 0.6 miles

Appalachian Approach Trail – 8.5 miles

Hike Inn Trail – 5 miles

Spring Trail – 0.4 miles

West Ridge Falls Access Trail – 0.3 miles

Base of Falls Trail – 1.0 miles


Directions from Ellijay:

Follow GA-52 approximately 21 miles to Amicalola Falls State Park.

Directions from Dawsonville:

Take Hwy. 53 west to Hwy. 183 north to Hwy. 52 east.

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