LakePoint Disc Golf Course

August 30, 2011

Heflin, Alabama

Eighteen Hole Course

Disc Golf Course in Heflin, Alabama


LakePoint Disc Golf Course is located on, what appears,  to be a former watershed area turned park. The course features some very interesting holes, including narrow drives along a dam, tight wooded shots up and down hills, and some long wide open shots across grassy fields. Each hole is well marked with a signpost, hole map, and a concrete driving pad.

Holes 1 and 2

The first two holes of the course are located on the far side of the park, and require precise shots across a narrow, tall earthen dam.


Holes 3, 4 and 5

The next three holes enter the woods on the far side of the dam. These holes will require some hiking and balance along the side of the hills.



Holes 6 through 14

Hole 6 brings players back out of the woods and alongside the edge of the earthen dam. From here, the next eight holes are mostly long shots across open fields. Occasionally, the basket will be located behind a small stand of trees, but each hole is relatively easy to find.


Hole 15 through 18

Hole 15 is located next to a fenced in drainage pond, and begins an approach back to the parking area near the dam.  Holes 16 and 17 are again long open drives. The big drive, though, is on the final hole.  Hole 18 is a very long 450’ drive over two small hills. The basket is located near the parking area sitting high atop the field.



Located in Heflin, Alabama; the LakePoint Disc Golf course is a little hard to find as it isn’t located on a main road.

From I-20:

1. Take Exit 199 North towards Heflin

2. Follow Almon Street to its intersection with Highway 78 and make a left.

3. After passing three streets, turn right on the fourth street, Hillcrest.

4. Follow Hillcrest over the hill and railroad tracks before making a left on Mountain Street.

5. Mountain Street dead ends into the gated park.


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