Keown Falls- Armuchee, Georgia

October 13, 2010

keown falls (208)

Length: 1.8 miles

Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous

Keown Falls Trail is one of the best places to hike in the Armuchee, Northwest Georgia area, even if the waterfalls are not at their fullest.

The trail up to the falls is a somewhat steep climb up part of Johns Mountain. The Keown Falls trail begins at a parking area just past the Pocket Campground Road.

Keown Falls Welcome Sign Keown Falls Restrooms

At the base of the trail, there is a restroom, a number of picnic tables with grills, and the creek running through the area. There is also a sign containing the trail map, other park information, and the status of the waterfalls (dry or running).

Keown Falls Trailhead

Keown Falls Trailhead

Keown Falls Keown Falls Trail

The trail begins on a rock line trail that passes through an A-frame shelter. Shortly after the shelter, there is a tree dead in the center of the trail.

Keown Falls Trail

The trail then continues straight up Johns mountain, passing between two trees, and then running parallel with the creek for half a mile or so. The Keown Falls Trail also intersects with the Pinhoti Trail on two occasions. The first is just past the two trees that the trail cuts between.

Keown Falls Trail Keown Falls and Pinhoti Trail

Be aware, as you continue hiking, there are some downed trees along the trail, although nothing that significantly inhibits the hike.

Keown Falls Trail Keown Falls Trail

Along the trail, you will begin to approach some beautiful views of the creek, obstructed with large boulders and trees. Look carefully, and you can see the creek trickling through them all along the trail.

Keown Falls Creek Keown Falls Creek Keown Falls Creek

Keown Falls Creek

Keown Falls

The trail crosses over the creek at one point with no bridge or apparent rock path, so be careful not to step in a big puddle, or when hopping along some wet rocks.

keown falls (46)

After a half or mile or so, the trail switches back over some 2 to 3 feet tall boulders.

Keown Falls

At the switchback, look up for some early views of the rock bluffs.

Keown Falls

Keown Falls

As the trail switches back, be aware that it narrows somewhat, and runs along a somewhat steep drop off.

Keown Falls Trail

keown falls (100)

The trail is not too steep going up at this point, but watch your step because it is somewhat rocky. As you continue along this switchback, look ahead to see some wonderful views of the foothills and mountains of Rome, Georgia.

keown falls (131)

Another switchback will appear at a bench along the trail. Also lookout for downed trees on the trail. It appears there has been a number of trees

chopped down for reason of another.

Keown Falls keown falls (103)Keown Falls

On this section of the switchback even better views of Johns Mountain, some rocky bluffs, and the Rome mountains. This switchback will also provide

the first views of the Keown Falls.

keown falls (166)

Keown Falls

As you continue along this rocky, narrow trail, you will approach your first set of rock steps leading to the waterfall.

keown falls (185)

At the top of these steps, a handrail begins that will guide the hiker either up to the Keown Falls Overlook, or down to the bottom of the falls themselves. If making the loop, I recommend starting at the bottom of the falls, and then climb up to the overlook. The overlook stairs are very steep and narrow, and would be very difficult to climb back down. As such, this is likely the best decision for backtracking.

At the bottom of the falls, be very careful. The rocks may be slippery.

keown falls (270)

keown falls (271) keown falls (287) keown falls (310) keown falls (312) keown falls (321)

Once you backtrack to the stairs that head towards the overlook, pay attention to every step. The stairs get extremely narrow, and are very steep stairs. Falling from these heights would be extremely dangerous.

keown falls (188)

Once you make it to the top, you will see that the treacherous stairs were well worth the risk. A large wooden overlook provides scenic views of both Keown Falls, and the Armuchee Ridges.

keown falls (198)

keown falls (200)

keown falls (213)

keown falls (221)

From the Overlook, the Johns Mountain loop can be found straight ahead. Other smaller waterfalls can be found after a good rain by heading left on this trail.

Nearby Trails:

Johns Mountain Loop Trail

Nearby Campgrounds

Pocket Campground

Directions to Keown Falls from Rome, GA

1. Take US-27/GA-1 into the Armuchee area (past the Mount Berry Square Mall and Berry College) towards Summerville, Georgia.

2. Turn right onto GA-156/New Rosedale Road. (There will be a sign pointing to Camp Sidney Dew)

3. Travel down GA-156 for 2.4 miles.

4. Turn Left onto Floyd Springs Road (keep following the Camp Sidney Dew signs)

5. Travel straight for 7.0 miles until the road ends.

6. Turn Left on Everett Springs Road. The pocket campground is on this road, as the entrance to Keown Falls, and finally, the entrance to Johns Mountain Overlook.

Keown Falls Entrance Keown Falls Entrance Road and Parking Area

Directions to Keown Falls from Lafayette, GA

1.Take GA 136 east from LaFayette for l3.5 miles

past Villanow.

2. Turn right (south) on Pocket Road and go about 5 miles to the entrance road.

Notes: Be careful along some of the more narrow paths, especially in the fall and winter. The leaves covering the trail can be slippery and obscure some rocks causing potential falls.

Keown Falls Trail


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