Jekyll Island- Biking Around Jekyll Island’s Historic City

October 4, 2010

jekyll-island-19 Biking Jekyll Island, GA

Jekyll Island, Georgia is one of the few cities in the south that can be said to have completely embraced bicycling as a means of transportation. With just over 20 miles of bike paths, exploring the entire island via two wheels is in many ways preferable to automobile.

The paths in Jekyll are well defined, and while not entirely paved, are more than sufficient for even the most basic bicycle rider.

The varying bike routes on Jekyll also provide eclectic experience.

If dealing with limited time, or you only desire to ride a short distance, I recommend one of two rides.

Ben Fortson Parkway-Jekyll Island Club Loop

This loop begins in the free parking area just to the right of the Ben Fortson Parkway as enters the island. Cross the parkway on the designated crossing area. From there, follow the clearly marked bicycle path northeast.

jekyll-island-1-150x150 Biking Jekyll Island, GA jekyll-island-150x150 Biking Jekyll Island, GA

jekyll-island-2-150x150 Biking Jekyll Island, GA jekyll-island-11-150x150 Biking Jekyll Island, GA

This bike path continues onto a service road for a short time, before continuing onto a smooth gravel/dirt road.

jekyll-island-3-150x150 Biking Jekyll Island, GA jekyll-island-4-150x150 Biking Jekyll Island, GA

Be sure to enjoy the views of the Marshes and Ponds along this trail.

jekyll-island-5-150x150 Biking Jekyll Island, GA jekyll-island-6-150x150 Biking Jekyll Island, GA

jekyll-island-7-150x150 Biking Jekyll Island, GA jekyll-island-9-150x150 Biking Jekyll Island, GA

Don’t Forget to Watchout for the Wildlife Too

jekyll-island-8 Biking Jekyll Island, GA

This trail soon ends on the road running alongside the Historic Jekyll Club.

jekyll-island-10 Biking Jekyll Island, GA

jekyll-island-12-300x225 Biking Jekyll Island, GA

jekyll-island-13-300x225 Biking Jekyll Island, GA

While in the area, check out Millionaire’s Row and the Jekyll Wharf

jekyll-island-14-300x225 Biking Jekyll Island, GA

jekyll-island-16-300x225 Biking Jekyll Island, GA

jekyll-island-17 Biking Jekyll Island, GA

jekyll-island-18 Biking Jekyll Island, GA

Circle around the Historic District and cross the same road that was crossed entering the historic district, only this time closer to the beach. This crossing is near the Sea Turtle Conservation Center (a great stop by the way, with bike parking on the side). Follow this path alongside one of Jekyll Island’s golf courses. This path comes out on the main beach road near the mini golf course. From here, a concrete path will continue back towards the parking lot where the loop began.

I will post another biking trail tomorrow.

 Biking Jekyll Island, GA

For a map of biking routes on Jekyll Island check out : The Jekyll Experience Bike Map


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  3. David Ean on October 7, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    What a great article on Jekyll’s bike trails! I can’t wait to see part II. With your permission, I would like to post a link to your article on the website of the Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island (IPJI)- For some reason, many people are unaware of what the island has to offer for bicycling enthusiast.

    David Egan, Ph.D.
    Co-Direcor, IPJI

    • JP on October 7, 2010 at 4:52 pm

      Thank you for the compliment. You may absolutely post a link to the article. I looked over your site, and I am interested in your cause. If you’d be interested in providing me some information, I’d be glad to write an article about you and and your cause to pass on to my readers.

      Also, the other article on biking in Jekyll is available here. I hope you enjoy it. Jekyll Island is a beautiful town and deserves careful planning to protect it.

  4. Rick on October 22, 2010 at 6:17 am

    There are actually about 5 distinct short loops you can take as separate rides, although most folks just get on their bikes and take off and explore (pick up a bike map at just about any store).

    Jekyll actually has a few more miles of bike trail off-road. The trail to Sharks Tooth Beach is about a mile; there’s another trail through the woods off Old Plantation Road (start behind the old Horton House ruins).

    If you’re into road biking, Jekyll Island’s uncrowded roads are perfect for exercise.

    If you have your own bike you can ride on the beach. Just make sure to wash the bike down with fresh water after your ride.

  5. Deanna on November 26, 2012 at 7:52 am

    We are planning on visiting Jekyll Island in January or March. Wher would be the best place to stay. We have been told there is a place that has a bon fire at night and is right by the trails.

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