Henry Hill Loop Trail- Manassas Battlefield, Virginia

September 29, 2012



Distance: 1.2 mile loop

Difficulty: Easy


The Henry Hill Loop Trail is a historic loop trail beginning at the Visitor’s Center of Manassas National Battlefield Park.

Henry Hill ManassasHenry Hill ManassasHenry Hill Manassas

The loop begins out the back door of the Visitor Center and Museum. From here, the trail is not a typical hiking trail, but rather an open area of mowed grass with several cannons and exhibit signs along the way.

The trail gets its name from the Henry House, a rebuilt home which was in the midst of much of the major fighting during the 1st Battle of Bull Run.


The Henry Home is actually along the very first section of the hike, and is an open exhibit for visitors. Along this first section of the hike, visitors will also notice a handful of exhibit signs identifying the locations of the two sides at the beginning of the battle, as well as a few monuments to some of the fallen soldiers.

After entering the wooden fenced area and the home. There is a little confusion about the next area to continue the trail.  The trail which extends down towards the road and the stone house IS NOT the Henry Hill Loop Trail.

Henry Hill Manassas

Henry Hill Manassas

The loop trail actually continues just to the left of the white shed and down a slight grade. Along this wide swath of mowed area, hikers will be treated to tall grass pasture land on each side, and approach another exhibit sign near a tree that overlooks a stone house far below.


 Henry Hill Manassas

From this tree, the trail takes a right turn and heads towards the foundation of the Robinson House, a freed man, whose home was sacked by Union soldiers during the first battle.  After departing the home foundation, the trail returns back toward the visitors center passing several cannons that mark the point where the Confederate troops regrouped, and the location where “Stonewall” Jackson gained his famous nickname.

Henry Hill Manassas

The trail ends back in the parking area of the visitor’s center.


Directions from I-95:

1. Take Exit 152, Route 234.

2. Follow Route 234 North (Sudley Road) to Business Route 234 (do not take the by-pass).

3. Past the city of Manassas and Northern Virginia Community College  is the entrance to the Henry Hill Visitors Center on the right.


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