Fairhope Municipal Disc Golf

July 6, 2011


Alabama Disc Golf

The disc golf course in Fairhope, Alabama is a twenty hole course located at the municipal park and stadium. This course is a great course for beginners and experienced players alike. It contains a great mix of tough narrow shots and wide open fields. Also, most of the holes are somewhat short, often less than 250’.

Additionally, the course is excellently marked with a concrete pad, course layout, wooden bench, red alternate tee markers, and plenty of arrows to each tee pad. This course really is user friendly. It makes a great loop around the entire park, and keeps players from getting lost.

Hole 1:

Alabama Disc GolfAlabama Disc Golf

Hole 1 is located parallel to Hwy. 98, just to the right of the park entrance. The hole is a straight with a small group of trees just in front of the first basket.

Hole 2:

Alabama Disc Golf

Hole 2 is another straight shot, though it may require hooking around a group of trees running diagonally across the fairway.

Hole 3:

Alabama Disc Golf 

Hole 3 provides the lead up to the first set of wooded shots. The hole bends to the left of the tee pad and sits under a large live oak tree.

Hole 4:

Alabama Disc Golf

Hole 4 starts out in an somewhat open area, but the basket is located in a wooden cove.

Hole 5:

Alabama Disc Golf

Turn back and follow the “Next” arrow back outside of the wooded area. This hole is very short, but has numerous trees in between the pad and the basket.

Hole 6:

Alabama Disc GolfAlabama Disc Golf

Hole 6 is not the tee pad to the left of the Hole 5 basket (that’s Hole 20). Instead following the “Next” sign 100 yards down the dirt road. This basket is actually located in the woods on the far end of the hole. If one looks closely, a faint white arrow can be seen painted on a tree in the distance pointing to the basket location.

Hole 7 – 13

Alabama Disc GolfAlabama Disc GolfFairshope Disc GolfFairshope Disc GolfFairshope Disc GolfFairshope Disc Golf

The next seven holes enter the woods. Each of these holes requires tight, very straight shots. Watch where your disc lands carefully. The fairways are pretty clean, but lookout for discs landings outside of the fairway where the growth is a bit thicker. Follow the next sign to each new hole.

Hole 14:

Fairshope Disc GolfFairshope Disc Golf

Hole 14 comes back out beside some batting cages and alongside a baseball field fence.  It’s a short (227’) straight shot to an island in the middle of a parking lot.

Hole 15:

Fairshope Disc GolfFairshope Disc Golf

Continue straight up the hill towards the football stadium. Hole 15’s tee pad is next to the blue restroom building. The hole is a long 350’ wide open shot. Be careful though, a large ditch sits to the right of the basket. Putting into it or landing in it makes for a much tougher putt.

Hole 16:

Fairshope Disc Golf

Hole 16 is at the bottom of the hill to the right of Basket 15. It requires a shot back up the hill along the roadside. The initial drive is only 253’, but is uphill with several trees in the way.

Hole “A”

Fairshope Disc Golf

As stated earlier, this course has twenty holes. Strangely, the course does not go numerically at this point. My best guess is that “Hole A”  was added at a later date and prevented renumbering and making new signs.

Hole A’s tee pad is actually marked on the sidewalk just to the right of Basket 16. The basket is located on the other side of the fence in what would be “foul territory” past left field. 

Essentially, the drive requires a hard left curve on the initial drive, or a very high and long throw.

Watch out for the scoreboard as an obstacle.

Hole 17:

Fairshope Disc GolfFairshope Disc Golf

Hole 17 is a little tough to find. From Basket “A”, walking past the skate park towards the road. The tee pad is located just in front of the road. The basket is on a hard right curve. The yellow arrow sign is pointing very close to the actual basket location.

Hole 18:

Fairshope Disc Golf

Hole 18 is located between the football stadium and the gym. The hole is a long 375’ wide open drive.

“The Mack”

Fairshope Disc GolfFairshope Disc Golf

The final hole, named “The Mack” is located next to the backstop with a large “The Mack” sign on it. The basket is a long, wide open 382’ away.



The Fairhope Disc Golf Course is located on Hwy 98.

Look for a large blue sign for the recreation area, as well as a large gym and gated swimming area.

Fairhope Disc Golf


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