Easterlin Disc Golf Course

October 28, 2010

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

The Easterlin Disc Golf course is an 18 hole, challenging course in the Ft. Lauderdale’s local Easterlin Park. Once the first hole is found, the course is relatively easy to follow, and well marked with signs at each hole. The registration office also has a map of the course (although it is somewhat off on holes 10 and 11).

All of the holes have a concrete tee pad, and many have two pads for amateurs and pros alike to play. These tees are often marked with two pink stones on the front of the tee pads. Each of these tees is marked with a sign indicating the obstacles and distance to the basket.

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Hole 1

Hole 1 is a little difficult to find, but if go towards the lake at Easterlin Park, you will notice a beach volleyball court. The tee pad is just past this course, as can be seen in the left corner of the picture below.

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One of the more difficult challenges of the course at Easterlin Park is the number of difficult shots through trees. Hole 1 gives a good taste of this. Throw through the tunnel of trees, and the basket is near the edge of the park.

Hole 2

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Hole 2 is easily found just to the right of Basket 1. Hole 2 is another challenging tunnel shot, although with considerably fewer trees to hit.

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Hole 3

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Hole 3 is easily my favorite hole on the course. It requires an initial drive from a peninsula jutting out into the lake. This was the first time I have ever thrown my disc over a body of water, and it is pretty nerve racking as swimming to get the disc is prohibited. Fortunately, the distance from the tee pad is fairly short, and I could not resist attempting the drive. It’s a fairly easy drive really, but be aware that a tree sits in the middle of the fairway on the other side of the lake. Hitting it could result in a roll back into the lake. Other than the lake, the basket is a fairly open area near a basketball court.

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Hole 4

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Hole 4’s tee pad is behind the aforementioned basketball court, and the basket is found just to the left of the lake. Careful, a missed approach will wind up in the swampy side of the lake.

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Hole 5

Spring Break road trip 147 Hole 5 is another another opportunity to lose your favorite driver. The tee pad is right on the edge of the lake, and requires a drive over the lake to a basket in the open field behind the registration office.

Remember.. NO SWIMMING, so drive carefully or play it safe down the path on the left.

Hole 6

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Hole 6 begins in the open field behind the registration office, and requires a sharp bend to the right behind a thick grove of trees on the lake.

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Hole 7

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Hole 7’s tee pad is located beside the registration office and the road running behind it. This drive is a nice open field shot, just don’t hook to strongly to the left, or you’ll be in the lake.

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Hole 8

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Hole 8’s tee pad is behind the restroom signs, and is another long open drive to the basket as the edge of the tree line.

Hole 9

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Hole 9 is right beside Hole 8’s basket is a small gully of shrubs. The basket sets in the middle of another set of shrubs  near the entrance to the nature trail.

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Hole 10

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Hole 10’s tee pad begins at the entrance of the hiking trail, and drives into a thick forest towards a fence at the edge of the park.

This begins a series of very difficult holes in a thick forest.

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Hole 11                                                                                     Hole 12

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Hole 13

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For the sake of brevity, holes 11, 12, and 13 are all densely wooded tee shots in the same area. Lots of trees to hit, so enjoy the obstacles.

Hole 14

Spring Break road trip 204 Cross the entry road, and Hole 14 is found on the other side with a really tough tee shot because of three trees right in front of the tee pad. My strategy was to throw around all three, and then hooking back on to the course. Or you can split the trees. Choice your own course,  I ended up with a nice fairway shot after the drive, but only because of the bend I put on it, and a little bit of luck.

Hole 15

Hole 15 is easy to find, but the basket is difficult. Keep looking straight ahead, the basket is there.

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Hole 16

Spring Break road trip 211 Hole 16 is a long drive into the very corner of the park. In fact, there is a fence section that appears to be dropped back just for the basket.

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Hole 17

Spring Break road trip 218 Hole 17 provides another opportunity to lose a disc. It’s a long drive along the edge of a fence. Signs clearly indicate that disc golfers are not to climb the fence (although I saw it done, be careful there are speeding trains coming down the tracks). The train scared me, and I was on the right side of the fence. Keep your throws low, and you won’t lose a disc.

Hole 18

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Final Hole! A short drive back into the woods behind the restrooms.  Hope you enjoyed the course. Good luck with the lake and the obstacles. Oh, and on holes near the tracks, the trains come by loud and fast and can create quite a scare, so just be aware.


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