DeSoto Falls State Park

October 28, 2010

Fort Payne, AL

Hiking Trails, Mountain Biking, and Camping in Northwestern Alabama.


DeSoto Falls State Park is an Alabama State Park located in the foothills of Northwestern Alabama.  This state park offers a number of outdoor activities, including some very technical mountain biking trails, 15 miles of hiking trails, geocaching, and 20 primitive camp sites. Running through the park is Little River cutting the the valley below.

Hiking Trails:

Included in the 15 miles of hiking trails are 4 waterfalls (Indian Falls, Laurel Falls, Lost Falls, and Lodge Falls).



Mountain Biking

The 3.6 mile, mountain biking trail loop is a somewhat technical climb if ridden clockwise. Begin at the parking area next to the visitor’s center, and begin climbing the quarry trailed blazed by white diamonds. The trail has a number of short, steep ascents that are slowed even further by rock outcroppings everywhere. This makes for some really fun, technical downhills, but some some pain in the rear uphills climbs. I had a video of this trail, but unfortunately, the disc data disappeared somehow. I’ll post a video of the trail from my next ride here.


Desoto Falls


1. Take AL-35 South into Fort Payne, AL.

2. Turn left onto Gault Avenue.

3. Turn right onto AL-35. Follow this road up the mountain, and follow the signs to the state park.

4. Turn left onto County Road 89 to the state park.


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