Bridge Day – New River Gorge, West Virginia

October 24, 2012



On the third Saturday of October every year, hundreds of people show up in West Virginia to answer a question we’ve all heard our parents ask, “ If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?”

For over 450 B.A.S.E. jumpers, Bridge Day in West Virginia provides them the chance to answer in the affirmative.  B.A.S.E. jumpers in 2012 were able to jump from a platform atop the bridge, dive off a diving board, or even be catapulted off the bridge with a pneumatic catapult and plenty were choosing all three.  Two jumpers even used the day to take the marriage leap before take the bridge leap.


For thousands more, myself included, we get the chance to watch them do the insane.

Bridge Day occurs along a stretch of Highway 19, just outside Fayetteville, WV. The center piece of the event, is the Western Hemisphere’s longest single span arched bridge.


The New River Gorge Bridge stretches 3,030 feet over the New River Gorge, and sits well over 800 feet over the New River.

The bridge is closed to pedestrians every day of the year except this one. On Bridge Day, no vehicular traffic is allowed on the bridge and pedestrians flock to its edges for beautiful views of the gorge and to watch as jumpers fall from the top of the bridge during the  legal B.A.S.E. jumping event.


If you’re not into B.A.S.E. jumping, but still want to get over the edge, Bridge Day also offers the opportunity to rappel down the  span or to take a slow zip-line down one of its sides.


In addition to watching adrenaline junkies fall from the bridge, opening their chutes at the last possible moment, visitors are treated to food, arts, and crafts along both sides of the bridge.


When:  The 3rd Saturday in October, annually.


1. The New River Gorge Bridge is located on Highway 19 just North of Fayetteville, WV

2. Highway 19 across the bridge is closed throughout the day on Bridge Day. Plan to arrive and depart from the same side of the bridge.

3. Parking is available on both the North and South sides of the bridge.


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