American Hikers finally released from Iran

September 21, 2011



Regardless of your opinion on these two hikers, and their chosen hiking destination, this is good news. Two Americans captured in Iran, and denied numerous basic human rights have been released from Iran after two years in prison. They are expected to return to the US today.

These two male hikers, and a third female hiker were arrested over two years ago while hiking along the Iraq-Iran border. Iran alleges they hikers crossed the border, and accused them of being spies back in June of 2009.

Since that time, the female hiker, Sarah Shourd had been released on medical grounds, but Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer remained in custody. Today, Iranian courts have accepted a $500,000 bail to release the two hikers.

The two Americans will finally be headed home to see their families after a very long and often solitary confinement.


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